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Dog & Owner Training

Home Visit

I will visit your home to help establish clear communication, a working relationship and healthy lifestyle with your dog. This will focus on training the owner by giving concise explanations, effective demonstrations then coaching. My goal is to train the owner to be a better trainer for their dog.

Most of the time we spend with our dogs will be at home so it can form the basis of your relationship, it is crucial to have a good structure at home that is constructive to training your dog outdoors.

This will also cover any problem behaviours at home. The training session usually lasts 2/2.5hrs long, split into training indoors then progressing to outdoors work. Price ranges dependant on travel starting locally in Bonnybridge at £70

Below is a video of me working on some calm obedience with a clients dog Joey, the white collie.

Outdoor Obedience & Companion Dog Training

An extensive training program where you learn how to train your dog. How the obedience is trained is key in establishing respectful bond, building confidence and helping our dogs become responsible.

Exercises progress to include loose lead heeling, automatic sits, sit stays, stand stays, down stays, recall and pet by a stranger. However your dog can develop more skills than just a command response. You will learn how to condition behaviour, communicate clearly to your dog and teach through response, ultimately achieving a responsible companion dog

You will also be supported throughout the training with online videos, diagrams and messages . All students must commit to working their dog through each lesson in their own time. Your time when visiting me will conisist of practical work with the dog but my primary goal is teaching the owner to competently carry out the training themselves with the dog.

Each training session is £40

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