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Derek was fantastic with my Collie Dylan, who had fixating issues with the cat and this was exasperated by me as I then decided to try and keep the cat and dog separate all the time. Derek's logic and gentle explanation that the dog and cat need to be able to coexist in the same space made sense and he showed me how to manage this. I can now relax with the dog and cat in the same space, they will never be best friends but are now at least able to tolerate each other! Derek also took me out with his perfectly behaved Collie and he taught me how to walk Dylan in traffic. Before Dylan would lunge and bark at every car he saw, now he is a lot calmer and the walks are much more enjoyable for us both. Derek achieved all of this in one session, he did not push for me to take more sessions and gave me so much invaluable help. I will be recommending Derek to other dog owners. Thank you so much.


- Heather


Great job Derek, really enjoyed the group sessions we learned so much from you and your dogs, Kelsey has made excellent progress and we will continue to practice and develop the techniques you taught us.


- Paula


I would highly recommend Paws for Walkies, Derek came to mine today to work with my 1 year old woody gave us lots of ideas on how to train him properly even showing how to control the way you use your lead and how to give commands to get your dog used to positive feedback rather than negative. If anyone is thinking about phoning to book do it...

Thanks Derek.


- Judith


Hi Derek, We cant thank you enough for all the help and advice you gave us today with Barney and we are amazed at the difference in such a small amount of time. I cant believe that by making a few small changes can have such a huge effect on his behaviour!!! We will work hard on this over the next few weeks and look forward to seeing you again. I Would highly recommend you to anyone that has problems with their dogs.


- Steven


Can't thank you enough Derek for coming to me today to sort Marley & Tiggy!! I was nervous today as having 2 new dogs with Seperation Issues. House issues, I can't believe I have the same dogs it's amazing after a few hours that I have the same happy content dogs..... I would very very highly recommend you to anybody who has any issues. You put my mind at ease with you're friendly manner wonderful dogs and training...I now know why flexi leads are the devil and my new leads are fantastic!!! Once again I can't thank you enough... Happy dogs means happy mum.. Look forward to learning more at next session.... Kirsty


- Kirsty


Just back from a group session with Paws for Walkies , Molly did herself and me proud, chuffed to bits with her. This really is something I never thought Molly would be able to do!! I actually had a few sleepless nights thinking she'd never manage it, but practise makes (almost) perfect!! We were back out today at a very busy Kelpies and she was great, sitting watching the world and dogs going by!! Thanks again


- Susan


Derek, thank you so much for all the advice you gave to me last Wed on your visit. The family and I are working hard with Molly & Buster, reinforcing your advice and I must say that Buster especially, with him being young, is soaking it all up. With just one visit I learned so much from you and I'm quite amazed that my dogs, in such a short space of time, have learned so much too(especially the eye contact!!) Your dogs were wonderful with them too especially with Molly who was showing some nervousness. I could do with having a permanent Cassie here for Buster to play with! I would highly recommend your work. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again.


- Elaine


Bramble & I would like to thank you for the behavioural session you gave us on Monday. I am super pleased at how well he did & how quick he picked thing up! It was so nice to see him running around playing with your girls! Thank you for giving me a clear understanding about what he is telling me! It was a good, fun, interesting & rewarding session! Looking forward to the next one! xxxxxx


- Duffy


Jack had only been with me for seven weeks and was settling in ok but had one or two issues that were needing addressed. Derek came in and gave me the guidance needed to help Jack become a calmer dog. His advice was excellent and showed me exactly what was needed to break the cycle of his constant pacing and his anxiety and excitement when someone came to the door. Myself and Jack are now working on things day by day and there is a very steady improvement. I honestly could not believe the difference in Jack after the two hour session. I am now confident that Jack will be a much calmer, happier dog. I would highly recommend Derek to anyone who wants to understand their dog better, the session was a real eye opener. Thanks Derek!!!


- Donna


Hi Derek, just wanted to say a massive thank you for your time and training with Meg & Millie. Total eye opener and after just 1 night they seem to be coming on leaps and bounds with regard to the in house training. We shall continue this training outside on walks and keep you posted on their progress. You are an absolute god send! We just want the best out of our dogs and you have taught us how to achieve this. Thank you


- Caroline


I can't thank you enough for today's behavioural session with Murphy. I had high hopes for you Derek after reading all of the positive feedback on your page and you didn't fail to disappoint. I cannot believe the difference in Murphy from just 2 hours in your company and I certainly couldn't believe I had the same dog walking alongside your dog with me without any lunging, snarling or growling coming from my dog. Everything you said to me made perfect sense and I will be following your advice very closely. As proof of your fantastic work, I was able to answer the door to the window cleaner tonight without Murphy making a break for freedom (he watched and sniffed from the livingroom) and he settled in his bed when asked for 30 minutes with the door to his crate open! He didn't make a single attempt to leave which totally surprised me and actually settled down for a nap. I can't recommend you enough, I think you are absolutely fantastic and only wish I'd contacted you sooner. Thank you once again!


- Adelle


Just wanted to say a big thank you to Derek for all his patience and hard work with us last night. Derek occasionally walks Alfie our spaniel and had recognised some anxiety issues with him.We booked a training / behavioural session with Derek to try and establish the cause and rectify a few issues we were having. After a long talk with Derek he then went onto explain the causes of the anxiety and how we could work with Alfie to make him a calmer, happier dog.Everything he said made sense and when it came to rectifying some of the issues Alfie immediately responded in a positive way. The session was relaxed, calm ,informative and Derek is very professional. After only one session a lot of the negative behaviours with Alfie have disappeared and he is a pleasure to walk on a lead now! Huge thanks to Derek for his patience. :-)) Would highly recommend Derek's services...thanks again, Sam & Craig...


- Sam & Craig


Before I knew Derek I spent lots of time and money trying to find a trainer or behaviourist to help with my nervous collie. Most of those courses told me to avoid, ignore and distract with treats which made no difference. After a short stay with Derek he was able to tell me the real cause of Una's behaviour and how to address it. It's not an overnight fix but he taught me how to deal with Una's problems so I can take these forward at home. We are so lucky to have him in the area to get real help and advice! Una is a much calmer dog already, his intervention has broke the bad cycle of behaviour which has given me the chance to work on Una's issues. He's the only person I would trust with Una and he is a great teacher for people too! Answered all my questions and made everything really understandable. I would recommend everybody should have a session with him, I just wish I knew about him when we first brought Una home!


- Lorna


Just to say Derek I had the most amazing day out with Archie and the pup today. We walked for 2 hours round the nature reserve and Archie was offlead all of it. Either staying out of the way of other dogs or --- really --- actively joining in with play. Astounded is too poor a word but it is the continuing training taught by you thats made this happen. Not 100% there yet but I see it coming soon. Thank you xxx


- Mary


Cant thank you enough for the help you gave us. Every time someone comments on how well behaved he is when I make him sit and wait as other dogs approach I give them your name and website


- Lesley


Got Derek in to help us with our new 2 year old Labrador.He gave us great advice & showed us, in a nice easy manner, how to get better control over Alfie at home & outside, using his own dogs to help us. We have started using his techniques & Alfie is more controllable already. Would recommend Derek to anybody.


- Davie & Linda


Went to captain dugwash to meet Derek Bryson and wow we were amazed, he has calmness and control like I've never seen with dogs. Marley has one main problem, we started using the technique when we brought the dog home and the dog picked it up sooo quick. If you have the chance to see him please do its worth your while, the service at captain dugwash is excellent too, I love that place, staff are always great with marley. How fantastic it was to meet Derek, in a direct, calm, understanding manner he explained areas where we could help our dog. Marley sat with Dereks extremely well behaved dogs and walked by them without barking! First ever! We took our tools home and used them for a short period of time. I have been more assertive and the dog has been responding to my commands. If you have the chance to see Derek please do so, it is well worth your time.


- Lorna


Another fantastic session! thank you! professional, patient, calming and supportive. and a few laughs too!can't thank, nor praise, you enough.


- Fiona


It was really nice to meet Derek today, he helped us a lot with our dog and would recommend to anyone who has any issues, big or small that they may have, been struggling with ours and within a short space of time Derek had him figured out. What a relief! we now have the tools and methods on how to deal with issues, less stress for the dog and us. Thanks again Derek.


- Elaine


Absolutely amazing - from bedlam to tranquility in 2 hrs.

I suspect the owners get more training than the dogs, but you are not really aware of it. My dogs loved Derek and sat with heads cocked listening to him at the end of the session.

I would recommend him to anyone!!


- Jacky


Hi. I had a German Shepard of 2yrs who was scared of everything. I've had him for just over a year. 2hrs with Derek and he is a different dog. I now have a more relaxed dog who takes instructions. My friends and family can't believe the difference! Derek gave me clear, concise and easy to understand techniques which worked. Thank you so much Derek and I can't wait for the next session! From a more relaxed dog and owner, Debbie


- Debbie


Thanks for an amazing first session working with our dogs today - I came home to a calm house tonight and two calm dogs! If this is what they're like after the first session, can't wait to see how they'll be after a few more sessions! Thank you!


- Melanie


Derek walked in my home during a time where I was about to give up. He transformed not only the dogs but me. He showed me techniques, built my confidence and already there has been a huge change. Its hard work but with Derek's support it all seems easier. Cant thank him enough!


- Sarah


Great training session with Derek from Paws For Walkies today, never thought that my front door could sit open without Stella making a break for it!! Great tips for walking Costa & Stella without them pulling. Just need to work on keeping Stella calm. Hopefully work up to getting them off the lead in the new year. If anyone needs any dog training advice contact Derek!!


- Claire


Hey Derek just to say a big thanks for your help again! Roxy is walking better on the lead already and seems to like her bed rather than the couch! She also ate all her food for the first time in months and that's after only a day! and she managed a trip to the vet without barking at anyone! Thanks so much can see the improvement already! Roll on January can hopefully have her off lead x


- Chris and Joanne


You are amazing.... can't believe the difference you have made with my 4 dogs in 2 hours. Value for money.... you bet you are. See you in December xx


- Hayley


Derek came and gave me and dad tools and information on how to deal with our 9month old border terrier. His recall was non existent and walking him was a chore. Know he is a calm wee man. We can walk anywhere and have the confidence to let him off t he leash. You have to put in the work but it pays off big time. Xxx


- Lesley


Since Derek came and spent a couple of hours with Buddy and I the difference in our walks is amazing, I am very grateful for all his help I wish I had known about him when we had our collie who was a very troubled wee dog.


- Emma



Both dogs have been with me all day and have been brilliant.... Totally different dogs My mum came round today and can't believe the difference already between yesterday and today! They didn't jump up on her at the door - and haven't been jumping all over the couch! She's amazed!!

Thank you for helping us, I was beginning to think Sam would have to go ( after he nippped! ) but now I have hope x


- Hazel

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